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I’m a visual artist working predominantly with 2D media including painting, drawing and collage, and graduated from BA (Hons) Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London, in 2017. My work draws on my keen interest in fashion and design history, popular culture and social history, and explores our encounters with the past through objects, places and images. I examine the slippery nature of binary pairings such as modernity and preservation; futurism and historicism; reality and fantasy; artifice and authenticity. Visual motifs in my work evoke lifestyles, playing on social and subcultural preoccupations with personal taste and style.

The interests which inform my artistic practice are indivisible from those which I aim to pursue in the field of fashion and dress history. I am passionate about interdisciplinary approaches to research, mixing social history, media studies, sociology and intersectional feminism. My research interests include revivalism and retro cultures, music subcultures, social class and gender. In the near future I plan to consolidate my knowledge and skills by undertaking postgraduate study in this area.

I have also established a career in museum collections care and management and am highly skilled in object packing, documentation and digitisation. My working experiences have given me invaluable opportunities to work behind-the-scenes in publicly owned collections, and in turn has influenced my perspective on material culture.

In autumn 2020, I launched my Etsy shop, Broadway Parade, which has enables my artwork more accessible in the form of affordable prints, clothing and accessories. All products are developed to meet consumer needs regarding ethical and sustainable production; utilising organic natural fabrics and recycled materials wherever possible, with unisex t-shirt fits available in a broad range of sizes.


Instagram: @roxyhighroad / @broadwayparade

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